Cozy Nook

A cozy nook is a great place to cuddle up with a book using the space under your stairs! A bench and a couple cushions can go a long way in taking your home to the next level in a unique way!

Built-In Desk

A built-in desk is both functional and unique! For those who need a place to work and don’t have a home office, under the stairs are a great place for a desk.

Storage Space

If your home has more things than space, creating some storage cabinets and shelves can be a great place to tuck away kids toys and other excess items!

Dog Space

Pet owners know how much room kennels take up in a home. So why not just build one under the stairs? Stair Kennels are more stylish, take up less room, and pets will love having their own special place!

Play Space for Kids

For a home with children, a built-in play-place can bring hours of fun! Not only are they a good place to hide kid’s toys in while entertaining guests, but cute too!

Mini Mud Room

Mud rooms are very handy! They are a great place to hang coats, take shoes off and still know exactly where you left them. Sticking this under the stairs is a functional use of space, and can really elevate your home!

Small Bar

For a less functional, and more fun space, a bar is great! Store glasses, liquor, and even install a small fridge for beer and wine! Clean out the kitchen and create an awesome space for your next cocktail party!


If you want to display decorations, pictures, books and more, some functional shelves are the thing for you! Building in some shelves can really increase your visual appeal and stair functionality.


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