Nothing beats the feeling you get when you come home and are greeted by unconditional animal love! Our pets are our companions, our family, and a huge part of a home. But let’s be honest, homes are really only built with people in mind and not their pups. So, what are some ways you can include Fido in you next home?

1. A Doggie Bath

Adding a wash area in the laundry room or garage can make bath time SO much easier if you have big dogs! If you have ever tried washing a dog in a tub or shower, you know that there can be a few hurdles, especially if your tub doesn’t have a shower wand. With a wash area, both you and your pup will have less stress when bath time comes around.

2. Built-in Feeding Area

Having food bowls everywhere can take up precious floor space and look unappealing. Including some food bowls in your home design is unique, practical, and pretty! Pinterest has some pretty creative ways to include feeding areas into your home, so check them out!

3. Create a Dog Room

Having space just for your dog is great! It gives them a safe room and their own space, just like any human member of the family. If you have stairs in your home, this space is a great area to create a dog room! Adding gates to this area can also transform it into a crate for Fido.

4. Dog Pool

It can get extremely hot outside in Texas, so adding a small pool can relieve your dog of this extreme heat. If you plan on keeping your dog outside all day during the summer, you should have some way of keeping your dog cool. You can get as creative as you want and dog pools are easy to maintain, all you need is a garden hose!

5. Built-in Doggie Gates!

If you have a typical dog, they will never leave you alone if you’re in the kitchen. There are areas in every home that dogs need to be sectioned off from. Most pet parents use baby gates to keep dogs out of prohibited areas, but if you are building a home you can have these gates built right in! It is more practical and not an eye sore like most baby gates can be.

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